Our Services


Land Division Project Management

We engage in land division projects at all scales, from residential to large urban developments.

We are experienced in dealing with contractors and government agencies and work efficiently to progress your project to obtaining clearances and approvals.


Engineering & Construction Survey Services

Are you undertaking major or minor construction and require precision set out to design specifications?

​We can keep your construction project moving smoothly and where it should be with our precision set-out. Avoiding costly and time-consuming mistakes.

​We can make sure your concrete is poured to the right height, steelwork erected in the right place and walls not encroaching into your neighbours boundary.

  • As-built Surveys
  • Asset Recording


Detail & Contour Survey

Do you require a detail or contour survey for your architect or engineer to progress with the planning and design of your project?

We can provide your project consultants with the right data and information to get your project off to the very best start possible.

Boundary Identification Survey

Are you planning on building on the boundary or replacing a fence?

We can give you the peace of mind that your not encroaching into your neighbours property and help you to avoid stressful disputes by defining and marking your boundaries, allowing you to safely make your improvements within your allotment.

Lettable Areas Survey

We can provide a calculated lease area for Commercial areas tenanted to third parties following the lease area guidelines as stipulated by The Property Council of Australia. We can let you know which measurement method is applicable for your lease area and measure accordingly.

Lease Surveys

Where it’s required to Register a lease on a certificate of title, we can prepare and lodge a lease plan with Lands Services SA in conjunction with our in house conveyancer or your own.


Strategic Advice

We can assist you with strategic considerations, including:

  • Land use in accordance with council regulations
  • Interpret council development plans
  • Pre-project planning
  • Assist with neighbour encroachment and possible remedies